Casting Dispersions

I posted the following in “The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room” in comments following “Dem lawmaker accuses Grassley of “treason”:

In my August 14th article “Fascists, Mobsters, Racists, Un-American, Political Terrorists” I wrote, “If you disagree with them or their policies they will isolate, ridicule and demonize you by trotting out their standard lexicon of epithets: racist, fascist, war monger, corporate toady, mobster, brown shirt, un-American and political terrorists.

They have uttered them so often for so long I would imagine that they mumble those words in their sleep. Tomorrow you may even be a traitor.”

I imagined that they would be labeling a civilian as a traitor not a U.S. Senator. Postulating to your constituents has been the accepted practice in Washington D.C. and in true beltway tradition Sen. Massa has, without evidence, sullied Sen. Grassley’s name with hyperbole.

What else would you expect from a democrat but to pander to his ultra left support base the “netrooters”.

Remember what your elected officials say and do. The next time elctions are held hold them accountable for their words and actions. (End of post).

The following linked article also included another interest quote by Sen. Massa. In it he stated that he was prepared to “vote against his district” on the healthcare reform bill and expressed support for the single-payer health insurance.

He said, in his own words, that he is prepared to vote against his constituency. Yes! He states in his own words what we have known for the past ten months. So, remind me again, who you are representing in Washington D.C.?
Just like the Bailout, TARP, Cap and Trade and Health Care Reform Act he chooses to vote against his “bosses”. I think he should start cleaning out his desk.

August 19, 2009

Dem lawmaker accuses Grassley of ‘treason’

@ 10:31 am by Jordan Fabian


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