Critical Thinking

Have you heard the same talking points and political rhetoric come out of the mouths of people arguing over current political issues? Or even stating that they hate some news commentator or radio talk show host? I have. So when I heard this “informed view” I asked this verbose person, “Have you ever read his books, listened to his radio program or watched his cable show? Or have you read his magazine or even visited his web site? What do you know about this person?” There was nothing but silence. No reply at all. In the days that followed, this person again voiced his uninformed position with the same conviction as he had just a few days earlier. People from both sides of issues who spew talking and rhetoric are nothing more than political automatons. Fully invested in the paradigm of blind faith that they are right just because they think they are. A belief without the benefit of evidence to support that position, when proof exists to the contrary. How can you argue with “feelings”?  

By arming yourself with knowledge and by basing your arguments on fact not “feelings” you will be on the road to becoming a critical thinker. No longer will you be using circular logic. Phrases like “I feel” or “I think” to punctuate or lend credence to your positions will fall away from your discussions. You will start to weigh the facts you have gathered and form your own opinions and those talking points or party rhetoric will no longer be regurgitated by you.

Instead of stating, as fact, that someone is a fat stupid idiot you will focus on their actions. When anyone, no matter the party affiliation, starts launching verbal personal attacks at you because you do not “feel” or “think” exactly as they do their argument will be forfeit. In the absence of a viable argument your opponent can only walk away or descend into name calling in a feeble attempt to dehumanize you.

Nations conduct themselves in this manner. By dehumanizing your enemy you have made them less than you, monsters. It’s always easier to kill a monster. That is one way nations can turn a population of normally peaceful citizens into monster killers.

By dehumanizing our fellow citizens it makes it easier for “special interest groups” to launch vicious verbal attacks against them. Right thinking people use this tactic every day to discount opposing views. Those who insist on verbally abusing an opponent have retreated from the high ground to focus on slogging through the mud in their strategy of trench warfare.

You will have come into your own and thereby shed the indoctrination of the group think which has held sway over you and your freedom to think for yourself. The fresh air of individual thought will fill your mind with clarity and sometimes confusion. Your will, will be your own. No longer driven with the herd in this direction or that as thunder claps around them. The direction chosen will be selected by you and you alone.

No longer will you discount others humanity because they do not think as you do. They will again rejoin the human race and will cease to be “Fascist’s“, “racist“, “war mongers“, “corporate toadies” or “homophobes“. They will become magically transformed from something less than human back into human beings and fellow citizens who see things through their unique life experiences and beliefs.

I implore you all to think for yourselves and I would ask you not to subject me to the echoes of others.


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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