Fascists, Mobsters, Racists, Un-American, Political Terrorists

Are Healthcare or the Taxpayer protesters really what the democrats calling them? Or are they just ordinary citizens unhappy with the actions of their representatives? The protesters have been called all of those epithets and more by the Democratic Party, its members and their proxies.

080309_deanToday verbal attacks continue to be launched against ordinary people for exercising their free speech. They are called mobs, fascists’, racist, Astroturf protesters, un-American and political terrorists.

In the 2004 democratic presidential primary campaign then Iowa caucus front runner Howard Dean was overheard saying to one of his aids, “get me away from these rubes.” It also was the election that the public first became familiar with, the democrat party expression, “fly over country.” Condescending? You betcha.

Today we see that the Democratic Party has a history of behavior. If you don’t belong to their elite political class system you are just a useful idiot or rube as Mr. Dean likes to call them. If you disagree with them or their policies they will isolate, ridicule and demonize you. If you disagree with them you are a racist, fascist, war monger, corporate toady, mobster, un-American and political terrorists. Tomorrow you may even be a traitor.

 There’s no telling what they will say next as no one is holding them accountable for what they say or who they say it about.  The easy target for the Democratic Party is you and me, the ordinary citizen. How can we possibly fight back? As soft targets we are easily shouted down and or bullied into silence. With only one voice to add to the debate and with one vote to settle the issue how could one person possibly make a difference?


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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