Fishy Flag Lies Dead In the Water

Michelle Malkin reports that “Flag” is no more. She writes, “So, it looks like the Internet Snitch Brigade has closed up shop — and you can no longer flag yourself at”

But, I say, go ahead and click on it anyway. The inspiration for this blog has sunk below the waves of criticisms and a sea laughter. That’s right, no more fishy emails, websites and or blogs. I’m a bit conflicted as the object of my inspiration takes its final breath. Let us pause for a moment of silence before we all blow taps over its rapidly decaying carcass. I will miss its fishy fishiness and those who defended it, Linda Douglass, the current white house press secretary Robert L. Gibbs and the head of the fishy government Barack Obama.

I will miss Linda Douglass’s happy smiling spying face. Oh, I’m feeling a little verklempt– I may cry. No it was just a little gas. I salute you one more time…good times Flag, good times. Bubye Flag! Bubye Linda!

All Flag blogs will be moved to the dead thread archive for historic reference. My blog will, I’m sure, continue to draw attention to the circumnavigating answers issued by Mr. Gibbs and the utter distain for our constitution displayed by the head of the fishy government.


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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