Whistle Blower Alert in Tucson AZ

Lisa Robles wrote the following comment in response to the Tucson Tea Party Robert Mayer’s article “Budget Cuts or Recall: A Simple Choice for the City Council

 May 7, 2009 at 1:44 am

Lisa Robles says:

“I worked for the City of Tucson for 2 yrs, in the communications dept. I ran cable in the 911 call center and worked on police cars (radios and computers). The communications dept. is also responsible for the emergency communication towers around Tucson. This dept. was SMALL in comparison to most city departments. And I witnessed millions of dollars of waste. (THEFT) I was told by the president of the Union for the city that this TYPE of waste went on in every single department!!!!

At every tower, there’s a small building that holds all the electronic equipment (fiber optics, electronic boards etc.) These electronic boards cost between  $15k to $150k each. There are anywhere from a few boards to fifty plus per building, depending on the towers purpose.

The Engineer’s told management over and over that the boards that they were ordering would NOT work. These boards are made to spec. and cannot be returned. Management told the engineer’s to use them anyway. Of course they didn’t work and needed to be re-ordered (and paid for again). Now, you might say there’s incompetence everywhere, right? Not when you change the SAME damn boards, in the SAME damn building ten plus times in a row for the same reason. Do you get what I’m trying to tell you?

I say, audit every single government entity local, state and federal, and then prosecute the thieves!!!! Government corruption is TREASON and should be dealt with as such!!!!”


If this is what our elected officials do at the city level just imagine the amount of waste and fraud that occurs on the county, state and national levels.

It doesn’t matter what bills are passed, the sheer weight of corruption and waste on a scale of this magnitude will send the country into bankruptcy.


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