Obamacare Resurrected…Heal!

I just attended the Tucson town hall meeting on healthcare reform. The auditorium held a capacity crowd of 1500 people. The overflow crowd was at least another 2,000. As a witness to this event, I would estimate that 90% of that crowd was against this Obamacare legislation. Rep. Giffords stated the there were at least 20 versions of this legislation floating around congress. She also stated the she would not vote for any bill which did not include a “pay-go” provision in it. Where is that money going to come from?

GGiffordsThe concerned audience wondered why the government wanted to reinvent the healthcare system instead of passing tort reform. As insurance is commerce, which falls under Congressional powers, pass federal laws which enable insurance companies to sell their insurance across state lines. And while they are at it, eliminate Medicare fraud estimated to be $60 billion and growing.

Do you really want the government to reinvent something they created which has been proven to be wasteful and inefficient? TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) was created to buy up the financial instructions “toxic assets”, how much of the $700 billion and $150 in congressional bribes for their votes went to buy those “toxic assets”? Zero! Not one penny of that “have to pass right now” bill went for “toxic assets”. And you trust them to dismantle a working medical system and replace it with what?

This government diverts funds from Social Security, The Stimulus Package and God knows what else in their four book accounting system. I pray that you would utilize some critical thinking before you give this government the thumbs up for increasing our country’s budget by even one penny. Wake up already! They never fix the problems, they pass place holder problems so they’ll have something in the future to activate the base with and to acquire yet more public funds and power. The government grows, it never shrinks.


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Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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