Symbolism of Citizen Protestors Flag Waving

During the past year I’ve been exposed to many different flags at the Tea Party rallies, some historic, some newly created but all symbolic of how the flag waver felt.

As I see it there are four appropriate flags to wave at these Tea Party protests, the 50 star American flag flown upright or draped, the “Betsy Ross” thirteen star flag, the “Gadsden” flag and the Culpeper flag. 

At the first Tucson Tea Party Protest the dominate flag was the 50 star American flag. At the second protest, July 4th, I started to see a shift to the “Gadsden” flag. At the Washington protest and at the “Tucson’s Last Stand” rally I notice a greater presence of the “Gadsden” flag. There have been one or two “Betsy Ross” flags, but those do not dominate and if you blink you would have missed them altogether. The “Culpeper” flag has also been sparingly displayed.

 50stars                      200px-Flag_of_the_United_States_svg

This is a symbol of patriotism.                                     Return to the Republic.

While the 50 star flag is symbolic of the partriotism from our country’s begining to now. The “Betsy Ross” flag is symbolic of returning to our countrys founding principles. 

250px-Gadsden_flag_svgThe “Gadsden”flag makes the bold statement “Don’t”. 

The “Gadsden” flag is a nearly perfect representation of how our disenfranchised citizenry feels about our government today. With this flag we are telling our “Representatives” don’t. 

  • Don’t spend any more.
  • Don’t make campaign promises that you don’t mean and never intended to keep.
  • Don’t make any more backroom deals at our expense.
  • Don’t write any more legislation that diminishes our Constitutional freedoms.
  • Don’t re-invent the United States of America into the United Socialist States of America
  • Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

We the people are starting to insist that our government stop walking all over our constitutional rights, cease their out of control spending and to obey their bosses — we the people. Although we are demanding that our elected officials stop abusing their powers and our patients we are not ready to physically strike (as the coiled snake on the Gadsden flag suggests) if they do not stop. At this point we are stating that we will vote them out of office if they continue their disobedience.

I would like all citizens to start wearing the yellow “Gadsden Flag” t-shirts, baseball caps, license plates and flying this flag from their car antenna and flag poles to send a clear message to Washington D.C. politicians.

The three aforementioned flags are all inspiring, but for me it is the “Gadsden” flag that’s most appropriate for this movement to reinstate the will of the people and to guarantee that the Constitution be passed, intact, to those who follow.

united-states-flag_2074_32696194The “Culpeper” flag also makes a bold statement, “Liberty or Death”.

There can be no mistaking its implication, give me liberty or give me death. 

If, and or when we can find no recourse to their blatant disregard for our rights and authority then I will fly the Culpeper flag. Like the “Gadsden” flag the “Culpeper” flag speaks for itself. Whereas the “Gadsden” flag gives the warning “don’t”, the “Culpeper” flag adds the “Liberty or Death” to its standard. With the “Culpeper” flag there can only be liberty or death.

If the “Culpeper” flag becomes the dominate flag of the disenfranchised the peaceful protests will be over and a new phase will have started. I pray that this flag never becomes the dominate flag of the protesters.

Choose your symbolism wisely.

I choose to rally around the “Don’t” symbol of the “Gadsden” flag and will continue to write my blog and attend peaceful protests.


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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