Obama, Obama, Goose

In The Hill article, The Big Question: Has the White House spent too much time, energy fighting Fox News? Grover Norquist brings up an excellent point which I have highlighted below in bold: 

gover_norquist“When a politician begins to lash out against the press–Nixon, Agnew– you know he is losing it and blaming others for his failures. Obama is falling into this lashing-out sooner than most presidents.”

Obama has been playing the blame game since the Presidential Primary campaign. AsBarackObama the sitting President he has continued to blame the Bush administration for all of his “inherited” problems that the Obama administration has to “mop up”. While he was a Senator Mr. Obama did vote yea, nay or present for most of his “inherited” problems, so he has partial ownership of them.

But, I suppose that a case could be made that Obama was shirking his senatorial duties while these issues were being discussed and voted on.

In a variant of the children’s game “Duck, Duck, Goose” President Obama has declared his administration as the “Duck” or “Duckers” and the Bush Administration as the “Goose”. Former Vice President Dick Cheney is the only designated or volunteer player from the Bush Administration team to have entered into this “adult” version of the game with each of the players playing “Fox” (the picker), “Duck” and “Goose” (the Pickee).  

Stop ducking your responsibility for the mess you’re pretending to clean up Mr. President.


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