Will it be a Republic a Democracy or an Oligarchy

Wow, it’s been nine months already and POTUS Obama still hasn’t delivered. I see that he’s gone into labor (SEIU, AFL-CIO, NEA and AFT) but still the portly POTUS administration has not given birth to the promise of a wholly unionized people’s workforce of America. The benefits will be tremendous too.

ObamaPoster2In a level redistributed wealth (economic justice) program promised by this administration and the behind the scenes puppet masters everything will be free…except thought and speech. Oh, and of course property ownership, family legacies and a few others things to be determined later.

If only I was a young child who could be molded like a lump of clay into the person my dear leader expects me to be. At my school I would be so happy singing songs of praise of our precious POTUS. I can’t wait for the POTUS Obama statues and his face on every billboard. When his image is in every window of every house, apartment and business I will feel safer knowing that he’s looking over me.

But no, I’m stuck in this stinkin’ thinkin’ of individual thought and that pesky U.S. Constitution. I can’t wait till Nancy Pelosi gets rid of that “ridicules” thing.

Speaking of the Constitution, shouldn’t we eliminate term limits for POTUS Obama before his second term is up? We’ll be much safer when we have the POTUS Obama for life.


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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