I Liberal

I was a Liberal Democrat for twenty-six years before I liberated myself from their overbearing litany of indoctrinating rhetoric. How liberal was I? My first presidential ballot was casted for George McGovern and I followed that up with a vote for Jimmy Carter. Ick, I just had an acid reflux mental moment. Whenever I would raise my voice in agreement or ask a pesky why question they would start talking over me…drowning out any independent thoughts I may have to offer, even if those thoughts were in agreement with theirs. I should mention that those liberals of whom I speak were from SDS (Students for a Democratic Society); the lectures were all starting to sound like recitals and less like discourse. It must have been all about the talking points and staying on message. I never became a parrot or as I like to call those rhetoric spewing voids, echoes.

After breaking free from the groupthink, I followed my natural instincts and started to “question everything and everyone.” Ironically that was a paraphrase utilized by the liberals in the late sixties and early seventies (“Question authority!”, “Don’t trust anyone over thirty!”. After traversing the evil age of thirty, and then some, I started to trust myself in spite of previous liberal teachings.

Critical thinking became a philosophical way of life for me. I highly recommend that all peoples of the world adopt this method of analysis and thereby become the sole proprietor of your thoughts and philosophies.

So let me just say this in support of the conservative believer, I celebrate, admire and thank you for your solidarity of and adherence to our country’s founding principles. The foundations of those principles are core to my ethos.

As much as I truly do like visiting the various conservative camps I continually find that I am not a member of any heard. The thought of having anyone nudging me in any direction not of my own choosing is abhorrent to me.

Therefore my brand or label I choose remains an independent thinker with strong conservativist leanings. If and when a better idea comes along I will view it with the open mind of an independent thinker.


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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