Sen. Reid plays political whiffle ball

harry_reidThe following excerpt is from Walter Alarkon’s 11/10/09 article “Sen. Reid tees up 2010 jobs bill” posted in The Hill.

“Senate Democrats will take up a new job-creation bill in the wake of the 10.2 percent unemployment rate, Majority Leader Harry Reid told his colleagues Tuesday.

Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) told The Hill that Reid (D-Nev.) made the announcement about a new jobs bill at the Senate Democrats’ weekly lunch.

Reid said he was looking at an initiative focused on job creation “and that our caucus will take it up,” Cardin said.

Reid didn’t specify what would be in the bill, but he said that it was going to be “one of the priorities” for the Senate, Cardin added.

Cardin said Reid offered no additional specifics, such as timing for a new jobs bill.”

Sounds like more “shovel ready” fabrication. Maybe they can rebuild the country’s infrastructure again like they did with the $787 billion ($850 billion if you count the money used for bribes…earmarks) “Stimulus Package”, you know the one with the new electrical grid. Oh, and don’t forget the bridges, roads, water and sewer systems and the massive smart grid, those millions of  “green” jobs and whatever else they said to get that bill passed. At least Harry is putting the Global Warming scam bill off for a while. That’s the bill that will nudge companies and jobs out of the country, the job killing bill.

This Congress and Senate should be more like the 110th Congress and just do nothing but sit on their hands. That would save our country trillions of dollars. Imagine that. If you could make trillions by not doing anything, wouldn’t you do that?


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