Hell yes Global Warming (Climate Change) exists!

As a child I walked the desert floor and found sea shells laying right there in plain sight. “What are sea shells doing here in the desert?” I thought to myself. Well, before it was a desert it was the floor of a sea which stretched from to Gulf of California north into Canada. That is not conjecture or a scientific hypothesis it is geologically proven fact.

With this recent talk of “Climate Change” I remembered my experience and started looking on the internet for things like Ice Ages and ancient seas.

1)    According to the University of Illinois there have been at least seven Ice Ages. They continued to say that “technically” we are still in the last Ice Age.

2)   135 million years ago Florida and other states were under water. Megalodon shark teeth have been found in creek and river beds in Florida. The Megalodon lived in the Neogene period — starting 23 million years ago and lasting until 2.5 million years ago.

3)   I just watched a series called “How the Earth Was Formed” On the History channel. One of the segments was called “How the Grand Canyon Was Formed”. In that segment scientists (geologists) said that layers of sand and sediment built up on the Grand Canyon Plateau were sea bed deposits. These geologists said that those deposits prove that before the Grand Canyon Plateau was raise it had been a sea floor not once but eight times.

So, scientists are telling us that there have been at least seven Ice Ages and eight floods. Let me do the math here: seven provable Ice ages and eight provable floods. This sounds like winter followed by a spring thaw. Does Global Warming exist? Hell yeah! Is it caused by mankind? Hell no!

The hemispheres have seasons. When it is winter in the northern hemisphere it is summer in the southern hemisphere. Based on the proven repeated Ice Ages and the proven floods wouldn’t it be a reasonable conclusion that the Earth itself has global seasons? The scenario of global seasons is the more likely conclusion based on the repeated global “winter” (Ice Age) and “spring” (floods). The evidence of this scenario is proven whereas the scenario of the current Global Warming theory is unproven.

I was checking the Weather Channel and their forecast for my city was 80% chance of rain. That’s a forecast of maybe 12 hours given all of their meteorological data from several weather program models. It didn’t rain.

Global Warming alarmists are trying to tell us that Man has created Global Warming based on weather patterns and temperature data collected over the past 124 years? Geologists are telling us a very different story based on billions of years of geological evidence.

Our cities have been built up over the past 124 years and temperatures are taken in cities. Of course those temperatures will rise if you increase the radiant heat of cities.

Who would you believe: those who have trillions of dollars to gain if and when their theories are adopted into law or geologists who are only out to discover how the earth was made?

I say investigate, arrest, indict, convict, fine and incarcerate those who are culpable in this fraud against humanity.

Relying on others to do your research and to formulate what you should or shouldn’t think is abdicating not only your freedom of individual thought but your free will too.

Break the shackles of the Global Warming group think religion and adopt a new religion of critical thinking. Stop being a member of the herd and start demanding of yourself to act upon your research and your conclusions based on that research. Live intellectually free or die as a member of the currently acceptable politically correct herd.


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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