How Your New Big Government Serves Mankind


HealthCare Reform, Cap and Trade and a seemingly never-ending stream of spending, taxing, spending, borrowing, spending, printing and spending money nonstop has gripped our country by the throat and it is throttling us and those who will come after us with an unceasing debt the likes the world has never seen. 

The comedy of this governmental routine is that they are spending us into oblivion and then they talk about deficit reduction. What? Deficit reduction is achieved by producing more than we consume. That would be a profit. It could also be called a surplus. That should be the goal but instead this congress and this president seem hell-bent on job and manufacturing reduction, not deficit reduction. By continually talking out of both sides of their “collective” mouths we the people are stuck in a quagmire created by the servants of the people. 

All of this new and “improved” bigger government is so disgusting and disheartening that at times I feel hypnotized by their illusionary achievements. But that’s all that is, an illusion. HealthCare Reform is a sham as is Cap and Trade. Both are designed to enslave us all into their One World Order-HealthCare-Green utopia which they control. 

 The branches of government have so fouled up that it could take lifetimes, centuries perhaps to undo what they have done. We should restart it all. Reboot our government and its laws. Just keep the Constitution as our 1.0 version operating system and scrap all of the rest of the big government non-sense. 

The politicians today can’t seem to get out of bed without being bribed. They don’t walk with their arms swinging; they walk with their arms extended as if they were in a constant state of panhandling. Their marbled words come out as “More please” or “How much are votes selling for today?”  

The fictional brokerage firm of Conventus and Associates states: “The market for congressional votes is currently in an unprecedented upsurge and we project that this trend will continue until the government falls under its own weight and its unbridled corruption. We encourage all to get into this market before the bull has run its course.” 

This government and our representatives remind me of an old Twilight Zone episode “How to Serve Man”. In that episode aliens came to Earth to “serve” mankind or so the people of Earth thought. Our new friends and visitors walked around with a very large book cradled in one arm entitled, “How to Serve Man”. It was only when their ships were filled with Earth ambassadors that they translated the first pages of the books so tenderly held by our new friends from space. “How to Serve Man” wasn’t an ambassadorial book at all. No, it was a cook book on how to prepare man. 

This is what our government has been doing to us for decades, perhaps for over two-hundred years. They have been feeding upon our trust. Stop trusting your government and your representatives, they are lying to you now and they have been lying to you all along. 

Verify what they say and the actions they take but never ever trust your representative or government again. Trust them as far as you would trust an employee working on the shift when your supplies or merchandise disappears.


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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