Unions be gone!

Todays unions are counterproductive to our nation’s growth. Case in point, the UAW (United Auto Workers) has won the destruction of their industry through collective bargaining. They have bargained their way out of their own jobs by making them not-for-profit organizations, placing their companies at competitive disadvantage with non-unionized auto manufactures, and forcing them to be underwritten by the government union and the tax payers of our country. Do we need any other examples of the inefficiencies of unions and their negative impact on our economy?

Now the ER nurses union, at Temple University Hospital, are knowingly placing its current and future patients at risk by going on strike over  health benefit, tuition reimbursement and wage increase disputes. They state, on video, that anyone the hospital brings in to render emergency care will be providing substandard services to all current and future patients.  Are they being greedy and self-serving? Yes! Are they placing their patients well-being above their own self-interest? No!

In the case of the UAW our nation’s economy suffers – “when General Motors sneezes the world gets a cold”, but that time has passed– and in the case of medical workers unions our nation’s health care suffers when the unions flex their thuggish muscles. How long will we put up with this mobster style protection racket by the teachers, police, health care and auto workers, truckers and government employee unions? Overt and or implied threats from unions should be rendered impotent.

We the people need to remove the thuggery and intimidation from of our daily lives. I’m for free enterprise; get the unions and the government out of our country’s business now and forever. Start by decertifying all essential public service unions and follow that up with the decertification of any union whose collective bargaining agreement has expired.

A bargaining agreement is just a contract for employment. Once it has expired there is no obligation for the company or agency to ever return to the bargaining table. When an agreement has expired or when the union goes on strike, those replacement workers are now the employees of that company and can vote to decertify that union. As no member of the union will cross the picket line there will be no union members in the workplace to vote for or against decertification. And whereas those who have crossed the union picket line have a true desire to work the decertification vote should pass handily.

Just because you are in a union does not mean you have an entitlement to work for any company or entity by virtue of your union membership.

Let the collective bargaining agreements run out and stop negotiating with these thuggees. The United States and her citizens will be better off after these Leninist, Stalinist, Maoist Marxist are gone from our capitalist republic.


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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