The Americas

That's not entirely true!


The sign, pictured to the left, was photographed at a May Day rally. If you are going to correct commonly used misnomers then your should correct the mistake with the proper name.  

Where to begin? If, the person who created this sign is saying that U.S. citizens are improperly referring to the United States as “America” then he/she is correct. The abridged version of the truth is that we really should be referring to ourselves as U.S. citizens and our country as the United States of America, not America.  

But that’s not the whole truth and to be precise, which is what I’m thinking this protester is going for, then the correct name which should have appeared on the sign is “North America” is a continent not a country. I think that is what this protester is going for, accuracy in peoples everyday language.  

To put a finer point on the way we misuse our language by referring to places, objects and people, incorrectly may I direct your attention to South America.  

That’s right, we have a north and a south to add to America. I realize that our school systems have left most of our current population lacking the geography fundamentals which prevents us from knowing where we are on a map. But bear with me for just an eye-opening moment. The Western Hemisphere is comprised of North America, South America and all of those little islands which lay in that general geographic area.  

So, I’m going to take a leap of faith here and accept that you have put it all together now.  

If you have not then let me spell it out for you.  

Every citizen of all of those countries and islands are…Americans. That’s right! The peoples of the Western Hemisphere are all Americans.  

Please correct your sign to read “The Americas are a Hemisphere not a Country!”


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Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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