Cash for your support

WASHINGTON (AP) –  Homeowners could collect thousands of dollars in Cash for Caulkers rebates for renovating their Washington homes with better insulation and energy-saving windows and doors under a new economic stimulus bill the House passed Thursday.

The Home Star bill, passed 246-161, would authorize $5.7 billion over two years for a program that supporters—mostly Democrats—said would have the added benefits of invigorating the slumping construction industry and making the earth a little cleaner.

Home Star is that solid investment that’s going to achieve that hat trick of energy savings for the homeowner, of moving toward a cleaner environment and of creating jobs here at home,” said bill sponsor Peter Welch, D-Vt.

Republicans overwhelmingly opposed the bill, and they were able to attach a condition that it would be terminated if Democrats do not come up with a way to pay for it.

The measure has come to be dubbed Cash for Caulkers, a takeoff on the popular 2009 Cash for Clunkers initiative that rewarded people for replacing gas-guzzling vehicles with more fuel-efficient models.

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I just do not believe that our government can micromanage our lives by mandating or inticing purchases of healthcare, appliances, cars and home repairs successfully. Does this make fiscal sense to you? Where will the monies for all of these new expenditures come from? They will come from some or all of the following: a soon to be created VAT (Value Added Tax), increased existing taxes, borrowed monies from the Federal Reserve or China or some other foriegn government like Greece, or we will get the funds the old fashioned way…we’ll print it.

When will these so called government handouts/giveaways stop?

How about “Cash for Green”? Or would that be redundant? The more I look into this green movement the more disappointed I get. It’s like a Global Warming/Climate Change/Energy Bill snowball rolling downhill continuing to gather up momentum and mass.

The more the government gets involved in global climatology and environmentalism the more I suspect that it’s just another mechanism to stuff the pockets of elected officials and their friend’s with taxpayer’s money.

Let me just say that I have already caulked, increased my homes insulation factor, bought and installed energy efficient windows and doors, and replaced as many of my appliances as I could afford to with Energy Star rated upgrades but I did all of those things for my comfort and to save pennies on my ever “necessarily increasing” energy bills and I made all of these environmentally friendly improvements on my dime without asking or expecting my fellow citizens to help me out with the expense.

I did not purchase a new car or truck using my neighbors “Cash for Clunkers” money…I still own my 1998 F-150 truck. I hope the exhausted exhaust police don’t pull me over and cite me for being an enemy of the environment. I did not use my neighbors’  “Cash for Appliances” money to replace my refrigerator or range and I will not use your money for any future “Cash for” campaigns.

Have you heard the one about citizens having a “right” to vacation and how those who cannot afford to on their own should be able to vacation on you and your fellow taxpayers money? I will not be using your money for that proposed future program either. Thank you for your support but I think I’ll do it myself when and if I can afford it.


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Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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