Send in the Avatars!

Of course Obama is pointing the finger of blame at British Petroleum (BP) and any life form on the planet. He needs to deflect any isolating ridicule that he or his administration didn’t do enough or quick enough.

This administration HAS been on top of this situation from DAY 1. Just ask Obama’s daughter for her daily daddy update for proof of this.

And now that BP has failed to plug the hole, Obama has called in the big guns to solve this epic disaster. YES, he has called in James Cameron (director of Titanic, Avatar, Terminator) to terminate this pesky leakage.

Cameron is currently writing the script for this thriller to be released in the summer of 2011.

And you thought that all Obama did was read teleprompters and point his finger of blame at those who have left office, big business of any kind, small business of any kind, The United States of America for any reason, those who disagree with him on any issue, those who try to enforce existing laws, those who write new laws he doesn’t endorse, people who belong to a political party other than his, those who “potentially” might disagree with him or his policies, anyone who votes for someone other than who he wants you to vote for, anyone who exercises their free speech, those who run for any office he tells them not to run for, those who… Wow, my finger is getting tired just typing about yours.

On the one hand he points his finger at the current straw man to deflect any ridicule for his problem de jour. On the other hand Obama says that he takes full responsibility (in this case the Gulf oil spill) after having just pointed his gigantic we’re number one foam finger of blame at those responsible.

There seems to be an underlying psychological problem with this President and his definition of responsibility and his inability to shoulder blame he has taken upon himself.

Who is to get the blame, the President who says he is responsible, the latest sacrificial “low-level employee” under his political bus or the current corporation in his crosshairs?

My guess is he is warming up that fickled finger of blame and when next he wags it he won’t be looking in the mirror.

Mr. President, after 18 months of finger pointing isn’t YOUR finger getting tired?


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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