Independents provide the solution to Dems vs GOPers dilemma

I read the attacks written by Dems and GOPs everyday on many websites. “Right wing nut job” this and “Left wing nut job” that. You must be a liberal or you must be a Republican.   

If you think these guys look bad you should see what they've done to our country.

This is just ridiculous and counterproductive rhetoric that keeps us at each other’s throats and far, far away from a workable solution of any kind. Left versus right ideologies gets us nowhere. It’s like a tug-of-war in five feet deep mud. Most of us aren’t even in this contest, we are independents. Independent voters now comprise 40% of all register voters and that number continues to grow. We don’t deal in talking points from media matters or whoever the republican’s outlets are. Apparently both of these party’s think this is all about them. It is not.   

You blame the other party for all of our country’s woes. All issues written about on these political blog sites are of concern to the collective us and not the exclusive them. Political affiliation and their size doesn’t matter. The only things that really do matter are the citizens of our country, those who came before us and those who will follow. They will still be us, not them.    

We are a nation made up of differing ideas and ideologies. There is common ground for all and that ground lies on the bedrock of our Constitution. This current belief of us versus them, we win you lose, in your face gamesmanship is having a negative impact on how our country functions on a daily basis. It is dysfunctional and co-dependent self-destructive behavior.     

The Republican and Democrat Partys are little more than job placement agencies where they go out and find us candidates to hire. Candidates who they recruited, screened and deemed worthy of employment by the citizens of our country. When we do hire them they do not work for us they work for and take orders from their party. These partys are private organizations with their own agendas. If we wish to adopt their views of the United States we are welcome to join them. Two political partys, two teams who decided to wear their own colors (Red and Blue). Two teams who keep playing the same game over and over again. That game is “Let’s put one over the stupid voters.”   

So far 60% of registered voters do seem to be playing this games as the two partys intended. If you choose to follow the Donkey or follow the Elephant always remember to bring your shovel.   

For those of you who have substituted  politics as your new religious belief system please stop worshiping at the altars of these false Gods. It is your political zealotry that is contributing to the deconstruction of true political discourse.  Cults and the worship of cults can be cured by a good deprogramming institution.    

Seek help! Stop searching for enemies where there are only fellow citizens.   

Remember that in an us versus them society all of them are us.


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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