Huffington says Bush, corporate greed and cronyism are to blame for Gulf oil disaster

Arianna Huffington’s “Sunday Roundup” posted her opinion on the Bush caused Gulf oil disaster, how Republicans carp about the evil Big Government and then cry out for help when a catastrophe hits. She states:

The BP disaster is the inevitable result of the Bush-era habit of filling regulatory agencies with industry lobbyists and cronies. So this is a teachable moment…

…Obama needs to seize this opportunity to reframe the debate and show how Corporations Gone Wild are the real problem. What we have now isn’t free market capitalism, it’s corrupt third world cronyism.

Arianna, just to clarify is the problem corporate greed or cronyism? If it is cronyism then the President can take care of that problem in-house. He appointed or signed off on all of the current cronies all of whom serve at the pleasure of the President. So far the President has been pleasured enough to keep the current crop of cronies in place. Wait just a dog gone minute here! You said that the problem was lobbyists, cronyism and corporate greed. If my memory serves, Obama said he wasn’t going to hire ANY lobbyists in his administration. So that would make the core cause of the problems you cited for cronyism and lobbyists Barack Obama. You’re calling for the person who caused the problem to fix the problem, interesting solution you’re proposing.

Didn’t the President also say something about looking to the future and not the past during his presidential campaign? My advice to this President and his supporters is stop looking in the rearview mirror and keep your eyes on the road. That was probably just empty campaign rhetoric which I should have recognized as “just words”, fluff never intended to be taken seriously. If it can’t be Obama’s fault then…

I know I know it’s all George Bush’s fault and I never get tire of hearing it either. Every time I read or hear that an Obama gaffe is the former Presidents fault it reinforces my first impression that the community-organizer-in-chief has never possessed any leadership skills. While he is the greatest campaigner of my lifetime his skill set for leadership rivals that of Jimmy Carter.

People’s capacity for denial never ceases to amaze me they will disbelieve what they see and what they hear and substitute these observations with what they feel. When your dreams and hopes for a new political paradigm come in direct conflict with the realities of the systematic corruption of two branches of the people’s government that evidence is difficult to accept. So, to reconcile the evidence at hand we choose to retain our belief in an administration which seems to be in the blogs and news cycles daily for some alleged misdemeanors all the way up to felonies. Our psychological response to these allegations is to ignore them or blame Bush.

After all, this President came into office clean without the encumbrances of political debt. He was not beholden to any one or any organization. Just give him a moment to check in with Andy Stern and SEIU before he makes his next decision.

Holding onto those repeatedly broken promises of “no more politics as usual”  have left us all still waiting and still hoping for those changes.

The President and his choir of the main stream media have continued to chant, “It’s not his fault, He inherited these problems, It’s Bush’s fault.” And my favorite, “Shut up or pick up a mop and help him clean up this mess!”

After all of this he continues to point his gigantic “We’re Number One” feckless foam finger of blame at anyone but his administration or himself. Watch out lower-level-administration drones, have you seen that latest approval ratings poll? That feckless finger may be pointing in your direction soon.  Better find some cover I think I see a bus coming down the road.

We are not just left with “politics as usual”; we are saddled with politics as usual on steroids. Let the looting of the citizenry continue re-elect Obama in 2012; leave nothing but debt and ashes for the generations to come.


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Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

5 thoughts on “Huffington says Bush, corporate greed and cronyism are to blame for Gulf oil disaster

  1. Obama’s Czars and most lobbyist are appointed mainly by the Senate. Not the president himself. If you look at the history of things he voted for as a senator was separating the money from lobbying itself. You might want to check the facts before you share you stupid ill opinions. Research idiot.

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