Helen Thomas Part Deux!

Helen Thomas was born in Winchester, Kentucky. Her parents, Mary (née Rowady) and George Thomas, were Lebanese immigrants from Tripoli, Lebanon; her father’s surname had originally been “Antonious” before being anglicized to Thomas at Ellis Island. Thomas was raised as a Christian in the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch. She grew up in Detroit, Michigan, and attended Wayne University (now Wayne State University), graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English in 1942. (Previous paragraph from Wikipedia)

The following quote is from Helen’s official website: In 1968 Thomas was named the “Newspaper Woman of Washington” by the American Newspaper Woman’s Club, and in 1975, she was named the “Woman of the Year” in communications by Ladies Home Journal. She has also received the Matrix Award from the Women in Communications, and the World Almanac named Helen Thomas as one of the twenty-five most influential women in America.

Greatly honored, highly influential but is hers the kind of character that represents our country’s core beliefs? Are we still a nation of souls who want or demand an entire people move on to make room for us or those whose cause we sympathize with? Ask any member of a Sovereign Native Nation who we are.

Helen Thomas outed herself as an anti-Israeli pro-Palestinian journalist, she must have missed her impartial voice class or maybe she just dismissed it altogether.  She definitely had a dog in this hunt.

Brit Hume has stated that he sat next to Helen Thomas (in the White House Briefing Room) for 8 years and that her anti-Israeli pro-Palestinian views were well-known.

Jew hating appears to be slopping up in the world’s opinion poll charts. This is nothing new to those of the Jewish faith. Cries from countries, organizations, whole populations, political partys, bloggers, blogger commenter’s and even progressive journalist point their collective fingers of blame squarely at the “Jewish problem”. The real topic being discussed here is not how a race speaks, worship, and build their homes or even where they live. We are not talking merely about moving them from one location to another.

When a journalist calls for an entire race to move out of their historic country of origin the conversation is no longer about their right to live where they choose it’s really about the Hebrew people’s right to exist.

How many more journalists like Helen Thomas are out there pumping their versions of the truth into the publics psyche? Journalists are supposed to be impartial and just report the 5Ws (Who, What, When, Where, Why and How) of an event. Time for all journalists to get back to basics and leave their opinions at the door. Save your opinions for your memoirs. Report the news, don’t make the news.


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