Achieving political nirvana

I think I know why people cry out in hatred.

Sometimes I wonder why there are so many people attacking their fellow humans, both verbally and physically. My conclusion is that at the time of these attacks there exists a heightened sense of anger or even hatred. I do get angry with people, places and things just like anyone else but why do I or we get this angry? 

I really do hate mosquitoes and when you think about it (the blood sucking and the metallic buzzing in your ear and the itchy bumps they gift you with) hating mosquitoes really does make sense. But I temper my hatred for the disease ridden skeeters with my love of the wonderfully productive Bees, whose buzzing is perfectly pleasant.

I do hate both of political partys that run our country but have found no home for my political love.

The Internal Struggle

I have come to the conclusion that we humans have an innate need to love and hate, laugh and cry, think rational and irrational thoughts, make war and sue for peace, exercise tolerance and intolerance and feel anger and calm. These are a few of the things which get us humans into our daily troubles, not the laughing and crying so much but everything else I mentioned. No wait, if I laugh at you that might cause you to cry. That being the case then we are left with this assumption, all of the aforementioned polar extremes are double-edged swords. If we act out in either extreme then we risk getting ourselves into trouble…daily.

The psychological needs of a human being are vast and complex all at the same time. We have our needs and they must be met as sure as we need our daily dose of serotonin. So, what do we do to help us meet those needs and do so without getting us or others into trouble?

We find people, places and things to cheer and jeer. Sports teams seem to be the most innocuous vent for the love hate requirement, unless you’re a World Soccer Cup fan. Team worship can get a little dangerous in that sport.

Another team sport is politics. You have a blue (Democrat, The Donkeys or Jackasses) team and a red (Republican, The Elephants) team. I had thought that the object of this game was for their fans to win. The transparency of this game is too opaque for me to see who the real winners are. But judging by the players high salaries and special incentive packages I’d have to say that the players and their secrete supporters are the true winners here.

Everything we think do or say defines who we are. We are creatures who hate to love and love to hate.  We fear the unknown and yet are intrigued by it.

Achieve nirvana through self-awareness. If you are the fan, be the fan. If you are the shiny star than be the brightest star. If you are a useful idiot than be proud that you have achieved the pinnacle of usefulness and idiocy. If you are scenery than dust yourself off and try not to bump into the actors on stage.

If we travel our life’s path with these human frailties in mind our path may be smoother and populated by better choices. There are few clear choices to make although tolerance and knowledge form the beginnings of a good choice. Ignorance and intolerance are both rough roads to travel. May your life’s journey be a smooth and enlightening one.


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

One thought on “Achieving political nirvana

  1. I agree many folks cling to political party because of this team spirit – it gives you sense of belonging to a group. The punditry is just making punches in the face of the enemy (sometimes the opponents make unfair punches and the crowd likes it even better) 🙂

    Bread and circuses (or food stamps and entertainment) – timeless tool for making money and gaining power.

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