BP oil leak: Environment trumps jobs and economy

Louisiana political leadership is starting to cry foul on the moratorium placed on Gulf of Mexico oil drilling. 

The moratorium put a halt to the 33 deepwater exploratory rigs in operation in the Gulf in addition to all new deep-sea drilling permits. Platforms that are already producing oil along with rigs in shallow waters are allowed to remain in operation. 

“For God’s sake, don’t finish us off with a moratorium,” Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell said this week. 

Governor Bobby Jindal and Sen. Mary Landrieu have both called for an end to the moratorium. 

Deepwater Horizon, 5th Generation Deepwater Rig built in 2001

The Deepwater Horizon now resides on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico.  

Jobs and revenue don’t trump the environment Governor Jindal. 

I agree that the moratorium should be lifted. All land and shallow water moratorium on oil exploration and drilling should be lifted immediately but not the deep water moratorium. ALL oil drilling permits should NOW be based on proof of oil deposits in the areas to be drilled AND the exploration/drilling company’s ability to make quick and effective foreseeable repairs. Wellhead repairs and pipe replacement are foreseeable. The BP leak has proven that even the most sophisticated up-to-date oil company CAN’T make timely or effective repairs in deep waters. This accident was just a wellhead. What if it were a hub feed? Several oil rigs feed their oil into a hub. What would be the damage if a deep water hub were to leak? 

Crab smothered in oil, crude but it's to die for!

Are you and all other Louisiana politicians will to trade jobs and a robust economy for this?


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One thought on “BP oil leak: Environment trumps jobs and economy

  1. A natural disaster indescribable proportions: In the Gulf of Mexico flows apparently more oil per hour from the borehole to be accepted initially for one whole day was. Thus, all five days is expelled as much as a whole after the wreck of the Exxon Valdez. ” I wonder why the policy has not yet acted, and closing down the existing conveyor systems for now. Learning the politicians, because nothing of it.

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