Palin’s a power broker not a President.

Republican contenders test 2012 theme against President Obama  

By Alexander Bolton – 06/10/10 08:28 PM ET  

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the GOPs vice presidential nominee in 2008, said Obama’s lack of experience has become evident during the crisis.  

“I think what the president is realizing is that his lack of executive experience is coming into play right now,” she said. “I know that he mocked and chided others who did have experience in the campaign and he acted like being a community organizer was all that it was going to take.”  

Romney and Palin made their comments during appearances on Fox News.  

A White House spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.  

Republican leaders haven’t said much about Obama’s inexperience since he took office in January last year.  

Sarah Palin power broker

I’m sorry but, in my opinion, Sarah Palin isn’t ever going to be elected President. Why would she want a temp job anyway? She is however a very effective power broker as we have all witnessed in the Super Tuesday primaries. Her endorsement is the most coveted of them all. 

Conservative candidates run to her seeking her public approval while Democrat candidates run the other way from Barack Obama’s kiss of death endorsements. Her base grows as Mr. Obama’s shrinks. 

Sarah has been a very good influence on the Republican Party and our nation but as a candidate for President or as President she would be polarizing. I think we’ve had enough of that, don’t you?  

But I could be wrong. After all I did vote for Al Gore in 2000. Did I say wrong? Make that other worldly wrong or other Universe wrong.


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