Jerry Brown: Easy cheap shot target


Reporter for KCBS radio Doug Sovern broke the story of Jerry Brown’s latest foot-in-mouth gaffe. Sovern noticed Brown jogging up to a drinking fountain where he had just filled his water bottle.  They reintroduced themselves to each other and the serendipity interview began.  As reported in the article, “Run Jerry Run“, Mr. Sovern asked Mr. Brown how he could compete with his opponent’s (Meg Whitman) vast campaign treasury. Jerry eventually said the following: 

 “I’ve only spent $200,000 so far. I have 20 million in the bank. I’m saving up for her.” 

“You know, by the time she’s done with me, two months from now, I’ll be a child-molesting…” 

“She’ll have people believing whatever she wants about me.”

“It’s like Goebbels,” referring to Hitler’s notorious Minister of Propaganda. “Goebbels invented this kind of propaganda. He took control of the whole world. She wants to be president. That’s her ambition, the first woman president. That’s what this is all about.”

This statement, to a reporter Brown causally knew, came on the heels of Mr. Brown promising that he wasn’t going to engage in mudslinging. LIE ALERT: Whenever any politician says they “promise” that’s really code for I’m lying through my teeth. 

Just days after his promise not to sling mud he compared Meg Whitman to Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. I not surprised. Democrats are very adept at slinging that specific kind of mud. 

Jerry Brown is an easy target for political cheap shots and I would gladly have forgone mine if it weren’t for my following observation. 

Isn’t it curious that accusations of fascism, Nazi’s, racism, sexism and all of the other negative isms come from only one of the two partys in power?

When was the last time you heard a Republican or any political Party other than the Democrats use these terms to paint their opposition with? When any opposition to their political agenda speaks out the Democrats step up to the microphone and start singing their Hallelujah Chorus, “racist, fascist, angry mob, Astroturf, war monger, traitor”…you know the rest. I wish they would give it a rest.

Again, sorry for the cheap shot Mr. Brown but at least I can see that it’s a cheap shot. I’m not so sure that those in the Democrat Party recognize that they are the ones, the only ones, using the invectives of racism, Nazism, sexism and the other epithets of late.

Don’t you find that strange coming from a party that claims to be inclusive and tolerant? It’s right up front for all to see. Democrats at all levels of government use this ruse. The alarm clock is going off people; it’s time to wake up.


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Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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