Steny Hoyer: “Redirect Stimulus Money”

And you thought that the stimulus was created to save jobs and build infrastructure. Apparently it was not.

Silla Brush wrote the following for

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) wants the White House to look at unspent money from the 2009 stimulus package instead of asking Congress for a new fiscal package.

President Barack Obama on Saturday night wrote to congressional leaders urging them to pass legislation extending tax cuts and add new spending to prevent “hundreds of thousands” teacher layoffs, among other cuts. Obama said that without such measures the economy could “slide backwards.”

Hoyer said on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday that there is “spending fatigue” across the country and that he is encouraging the administration to look at last year’s $787 billion stimulus package to see if some money can be redirected.

“I have asked the White House to look at the package we already passed,” Hoyer said. “I personally believe if we have dollars not yet expended in the recovery act we could apply to this immediate need.”

Centrist Democrats in recent weeks have been more vocal about their concerns that new spending would lead to higher deficits and debt.

While the Stimulus funds of the Recovery Act have been used to fill pot holes they have not been used for those “SHOVEL READY PROJECTS” to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure. Show me the highways, bridges and “NEW SMART GRID” promised by Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

They borrowed, taxed and printed the $787 billion, plus bribes, telling us it was a win win opportunity for “jobs, jobs, jobs” and the much-needed rebuilding of America’s infrastructure. 

What I am hearing President Obama calling for this weekend is more spending not less. This is an administration built on promises and lies. We are saddled with an out-of-control Congress whose Pay-as-you-go fiscal requirement is ignored with every subsequent bill that comes before the House.

And now the supposedly fiscal conservative “Blue Dog”  “Centrists” democrats are concerned about higher deficits and debt. Only now? News flash for all House members: the debt doesn’t go up unless and until the House votes for it to go up. YOU control the purse strings of our country. Spare me and the rest of the country your fraudulent “concerns”.

The ‘proof of the pudding” of the “Blue Dogs” fiscal concern for the national debt is their voting record. Where the hell were you “Blue Dogs” when the Trillion dollar bills came before the House and Senate? You were in the pockets of Pelosi and Reid after bargaining away America’s future for personal political and or monetary gain. To say that the “Blue Dogs” and other neo fiscal conservatives are disingenuous would be a complement at this point. Your concern for the fiscal wellbeing of our country comes too damn late.

Based on figures on  U.S. National Debt Clock

Clinton Administration Total U.S. debt:

01/29/1993                                                                     4,167,200,410,899

01/29/2001                                                                     5,739,059,297,122

Clinton Admin debt increase of            1,571,858,886,223

George W. Bush Total U.S. debt:                                                                                   

01/29/2009                                                                  10,626,297,420,130

GW. Bush Admin debt increase of       4,887,238,123,008

Now                                                                                  13,053,207,860,226

Obama Admin debt increase of             2,426,910,440,096

Clinton debt average per month:                                     16,373,530,064

GW Bush debt average per month:                                50,908,730,448

Obama debt average per month:                                   134,828,357,783 


Here we clearly see a very disturbing unsustainable trend of ever-increasing debt accumulating by both political partys.






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7 thoughts on “Steny Hoyer: “Redirect Stimulus Money”

  1. Sometimes I wonder if any of those socialists have ever held a job or run a business. Because they are treating our national treasury like an atm instead of a vault like it should be. Money should be going in faster than out. I have addressed this fact several times on my blog. Hope you’ll check it out I would love to hear from you.

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