EPA and your right to exhale

Murkowski’s resolution – co-sponsored by 35 Republicans and three Democrats – comes in the wake of the EPA’s recent endangerment finding, which will result in damaging new regulations that endanger America’s economy. 

Lisa Murkowski’s resolution blocking the EPA’s authority to regulate carbon failed in the Senate 47 to 53. 

Despite being a new organization, nearly 300 members of Liberty Central’s online community called Congress and 7,414 sent emails to their Members of Congress, all urging them to vote “yes” on the Murkowski Resolution. 

Our voices were loud, clear, and consistent: a “yes” vote was for America, our Founding Principles, and the preservation of our liberty and prosperity.  “No” was a covert way to impose cap-and-trade – by giving the EPA power to do so – which will ultimately drive up our energy costs and take away our liberties. 

This vote should come as no surprise. The House and Senate have been acting against the voters’ wishes since the Bail Out. Remember former senator Norm Coleman (D – MN) ignored a ratio of 600 to 1 (by his own account) voter calls and emails against the Bail Out. Al Franken replaced Coleman. 

Blow after blow, injury after injury and yet we stand surprised at our employees’ insubordination? How long would you put up with an employee who couldn’t or wouldn’t follow your direct orders? 

Perhaps the next mandate from the voters’ will surprise them as well when they are collectively handed a pink slip. 

Surprised? Astonished? Never saw this coming did you? 

You may or may not remember that just a few short months ago the EPA declared CO2 a greenhouse gas. Air breathing critters, like humans, breathe in air and exhale CO2. Please keep that in mind the next time you read of another Big Government bill passing, try not to sigh. Unless you don’t mind buying extra carbon credits to pay for that sigh you just polluted our planet with. The utter disregard you sighers and over active CO2 exhalers have for your fellow human beings and our planet makes my blood boil! 

Stop exercising,  reduce your heart rate and thereby shrink YOUR big ass kicking carbon footprint. You should be in a constant state of meditation. Yogi’s can reduce the heart rate to 4 beats per hour, you should follow their example. 

I read an article two weeks ago about Prahlad Jani (82 year-old Mataji) who’s been fasting since he was 8 years old. 

When 74 years you have gone without food without drink look as good you will not.

Follow his example if you really want to be the greenest person you can be. Stop using un-needed resources like food , water and oxygen. 

Or you can join the Peoples Political Progressive Party of America (either party the Republican or Democrat progressive partys will do) and lead your meditating non-eating, non-drinking, non- breathing constituency to a new world order of Obamaism.


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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