I fear Lady Gaga

My blog is the fortress from where I create and let loose my inner most thoughts. Ok it’s the fortress where I vent my frustrations of our current political upheaval from. You might say that this is my therapy which keeps my gaskets from blowing and my vessels from bursting.

Its walls are seldom ever breached. This is my place of solitude where I meditate on and react to world events. As the random thoughts float by I will grab hold of one and allow my writing juices to flow.

While in this state and Arizona as well, I cultivate my thoughts and allow them to meander to their final resting place, my blog and hopefully your computer screen.

Ideas of promising thoughts start to percolate very slowly and gradually make their way to the surface where they can be properly harvested. On occasion, just as they are about to surface, a song enters my head uninvited and will not leave the premises for days.

While humming this invasive tune or allowing it to play endlessly in my mind that promising new thought is gone, suffocated by the catchy tune, and as it dissipates into the open air I wave bye-bye to my thought seedling. Yet another random thought escaped from my walnut never to have contact with even a single synapses of mine again.

My creative thought caldron bubbles but I fear Lady Gaga tunes will smother my baby bubbles preventing them from achieving full maturity.

There are but three things which prevent me from the enjoyment of completing a thought.

  • The first is overabundance of ideas which puts me into an advanced stage of attention deficit.
  • The second is writers block although this rarely happens.
  • And the third is the disruptive powers of catchy tunes rolling incessantly around my head.

It’s the rhythmic songs playing over and over in my mind that kill my creativity. Those tunes suck up all of the bandwidth to my little grey cells.

I’ve dealt with Bach, Beethoven, Berlin, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Beastie Boys, Bon Jovi, Blind Melon and Blink but now I have to deal with Lady Gaga for my brain pan time.

Oh yes, I fear Lady Gaga and her music!  But she will suffer the same fate as all of the others who came before her. My little greys will prevail.


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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