Conservatives Seek to Squelch “Freedom of Religion”

I found this petition on the new “conservative” site Liberty Central.

While some in the Islamic community believe building a mosque two blocks from the World Trade Center will promote interfaith tolerance and respect – we disagree.

There are better ways for the members of Islam to show respect for those who were murdered by extremists from inside their religion. There are many hurt souls and family members who still feel the pain of this attack on our country. Those who lost spouses, fathers, mothers, children and others do not wish to see a monument of “tolerance” so close to the ashes entombed in the ground of the World Trade Center.

There are many places in New York City for this mosque to be built. Why this Imam decided to build it there is questionable and troubling. We have every right to believe based on the background of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf that this is a strategic move to slap the face of Americans as we near the anniversary of the deaths of so many innocent people.

There are more than 2300 mosques in the United States – several hundred of them in and around New York City. By contrast, Mecca and Medina are closed cities – allowing neither Christian churches or synagogues – or even non-Muslim.

To allow the construction of this mosque in a place where terrorists murdered thousands of Americans, would be an affront to decency and common sense.


This is not Mecca or Medina. This is The United States of America and we do not compare ourselves to any other city or nation. We are an open society and we aren’t going to start closing any constitutional doors because some extremists launch an attack against us. 

I may be wrong here or maybe just a little crazy to think that a conservative is someone who guards the U.S. Constitution, not someone who violates it.

How can a self-described conservative organization whose founding principle on their website says:

From its earliest stages, Liberty Central identified limited government, individual liberty, free enterprise, national security, and personal responsibility as the five principles that best capture the foundations we, as a nation, need to preserve. These principles will be Liberty Central’s guide for everything that we do – from encouraging citizens to “Get Active” to providing them with Constitutional training material. For an in-depth look at each of these principles, please watch Professor Robert George’s explanation of their meaning, history, and relevance today.

I don’t know what’s in their Constitutional training material but I’d like to pose this question: Where in the U.S. Constitution will I find the right to deny freedom of religion or the building of the houses of worship? 

This is the only reference I can find which mentions religion and rights:

1st Amendment: Freedom of religion, speech, the press, assembly, and petition.

Based on the 1st amendment rights I don’t care if they want to build a Church of Beelzebub with drinking of the sacrificial goat’s blood in their Holy Communion smack dab on top of ground zero itself. That would be constitutionally protected.

Liberty Central conservatives just turn in your nifty lapel buttons and your self-righteous conservative moniker. If you cannot apply constitutional rights to all of the people you aren’t constitutionalists. Not you or the government get to pick and choose the constitutional inalienable rights we are entitled to. All of the constitutional rights apply to all of the people and to all religions.

It may not be the popular thing and it may be distasteful to endure others exercise of their constitutional rights but in order for every citizens’ constitutional rights to remain robust we must stand up for those with whom we disagree.

And that’s the name of that “Yankee Doodle Dandy”.


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Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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