Conservative Organization Against Free Speech and Freedom of Religion

I posted two blogs about Liberty Central’s anti-constitutional stance on our 1st Amendment rights entitled “Liberty Central seeks to stifle dissenting speech” and “Conservatives Seek to Squelch “Freedom of Religion”. I also posted opposing comments to their campaign to boycott the sponsor of Chris Matthews’ Hardball MSNBC show and their petition to stop the so called “Ground Zero” mosque in New York city on the Liberty Central site.

There goes that selective “Free Speech” yet again at the conservative Liberty Central. You know the organization whose founding principles are “liberty”. It’s difficult to ferret out just what “liberty” means on the Liberty Central” organization sites. 

By their actions they do not support or even allow opposition speech, opinion or worship at their web site or even two blocks away.

Their petition signers are full of hatred, devoid of tolerance or the application of liberty unless or until you are in complete agreement with their view of these United States of America and its Constitution. Some of those who signed “Stop the NYC mosque” said this:

This is deplorable! There are many freedoms that we enjoy being Americans, but slapping us in the face by building a mosque where over 3000 innocent lives were taken is going overboard. NO MASQUE!


Thank you for giving me this opportunity to oppose building an Islamic mosque in NY near the tragic 9/11 site. Not only is this idea in extremely poor taste, but it is a desecration to the victims and their families as well as to the American people. This is OUR land, not the world’s land to do with as they see fit.

Go back to your own country and build your mosques there. Not in MY country where I was BORN and RAISED and where your fellow countrymen created havock on MY land. Go home and leave us in peace.

Muslim is not a religion–by definition it is a culture or a way of life. A culture devoted to the elimination of all non Muslim cultures and all religions. They are here–we will be gone one way or the other [dead] if we allow the muslim culture to continue to push into our cities, religions and lives.

Here’ a comment by someone who emailed Procter and Gamble decrying Chris Matthews for his special “The Rise of the New Right”:

I have just emailed P/G notifying them that I will no longer purchase their products until they cease funding MSNBC because of C. Matthew’s false remarks about the Tea Party. And I will follow up the email by now purchasing P/G products.
Thank you


So, you conservatives want all of your constitutional rights but you wish to ration or even eliminate them altogether for others. Conservatives are now the arbiter of our rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution? If you conservatives are the protectors of the U.S. Constitution then who will protect it from you?

We the people of the United States of America have a deplorable situation on our hands. On the one hand we have a government seeking to diminish our constitutional rights and on the other hand we have to liberal/progressives trying to do away with it altogether and on the other…Damn we don’t have another hand but we do have conservatives trying  tear up the constitution for those who disagree with them.

If there is a conservative organization or just an independent organization who actually believes that everyone has constitutional rights no matter what they think and will defend their right to write or voice it, please sound off cause these constitution lite people are really pissing me off!

The U.S. Constitution and our rights contained within it cannot and must not ever be brushed aside in favor of our personal feelings or beliefs. Instead we must be ever more strident in our defense of those we disagree with. Each time the citizens of our country and or our government deny these rights for any reason it diminishes them and our future individual expectations for exercising these rights.

While some may define their constitutional rights and those of others by an event, I chose to define our constitutional rights by the document itself.


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Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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