Google Intelligence Agency under investigation

The reporting of this story is based on a true story but may vary according to the facts and in this case fictional assumptions made up, for fun, just cause. This isn’t even real on the cartoon network!

Dateline: June 21st 2010:

If you see this car coming your way shut off your Wi-Fi and hug the shadows until it passes by.

The GIA is under investigation, lead by Connecticut’s AG Richard Blumenthal and joined by as many as 30 states for Wi-Spying. Hmm, I know that name from somewhere. Oh the guy who served in Vietnam but really didn’t.

No comment from the obviously jealous CIA regarding the much coveted homeland spying gig. The domestic “espionage” or “data mining”, as the Google Intelligence Agency describes it, was just a computer error caused by a low-level employee. They were collecting the data, by mistake, for the good of all mankind but something just went a little south in the illegal search and seizure area. People don’t still have an expectation of privacy, do they? That would be so twentieth century.

Absolutely none of this was intentional;-)

For the real story ComputerWorld.

FOX BUSINESS NEWS Video: Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal interview

StraitsTimes Google article

PraguePost Google article

I’m going to check the firewall for my wireless hub for bugs now.


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