Plug the Border Crime Leak


The public has been told that the illegal immigrants, human/drug smugglers and potential terrorists crossing our southern border are out-of-control. Despite the federal government increasing the number of U.S. Customs/Border Patrol agents the fear generated by violent armed encounters between these agencies and human/drug smugglers has reached a crescendo thanks in part to the FOX NEWS story, “Giving Part of U.S. to Mexico”. 

The simple fact is if you cannot control who or what comes across the border then it is out-of-control. Something must be done to curtail the violence caused by our lax border. A solution to a similar violent border problem was put into place by the 1901 formation of the Arizona Rangers.  

The Arizona Rangers was an Arizona law enforcement agency modeled on the Texas Rangers. The Arizona Rangers were created by the Arizona Territorial Legislature in 1901 and disbanded in 1909. They were created to deal with the infestations of outlaws, especially rustlers, in the sparsely populated Territory of Arizona, especially along the Mexican border. The Rangers were an elite, well-trained, and secretive agency mounted on the best horses money could buy and well equipped with modern weapons at State expense. They were very effective in apprehending members of outlaw bands, often surprising them by descending on them without warning. Wikipedia 

Not much has changed in 109 years except the outlaws are now cartels, the rustlers are now human smugglers and the murders are a mixture of cartel members and potential terrorists from Yemen, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and other middle eastern countries. 

The country sheriff’s along the Mexican border are being overwhelmed by the violent illegal border crossers. The Sheriff of Santa Cruz County AZ has complained that his deputies have been threatened with sniper fire if they interfered with human and drug smuggling operations. As far as I know it’s just threats at this point. 

Instead of sending help to the porous Arizona border the federal government sends lawyers to sue our state. 

The Obama Administration has promised to send National Guard troops to the border. They first said it would be 1200 and now it’s just over 500. These National Guardsmen are to be stationed at the Mexico/Arizona border for desk duty. I’m unaware of any desks they could man on the border. 

Senator John Kyle has stated that he had a private conversation with President Obama and that during that conversation Sen. Kyle asked about Arizona border security. The President said that he [the federal government] could secure the southern border but the he [Obama] is using that security to leverage a comprehensive immigration bill. 

The President or his people now say that Sen. Kyle lied, curious how it’s always the President’s opposition who’s doing the lying.  

The Arizona border and the explosive kidnapping crime stats in Phoenix are being ignored by Washington D.C. A solution must be found and if the political powers of D.C. can’t or won’t find that solution then the Border States must. 

Arizona is in dire need of an elite law enforcement agency modeled on the Army Rangers and domestic S.W.A.T. units. As with the first Arizona Rangers spare no expense and provide them with only the best equipment our Arizona Lottery money can buy. 

The 1901-1909 Arizona Rangers helped to pacify the Arizona Territory. It’s time for Arizona to get serious about our border incursion problem.  The citizens of our state need a new elite unit  to secure and pacify Arizona’s southern border.


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5 thoughts on “Plug the Border Crime Leak

    • The Rangers were only out of comission from 1909 to 1957. They were reorganized as a volunteer Law Enforcement Assistance and Support organization by several of the surviving Territorial Rangers and some of their friends, and are recognized by law (Legislative Act 41). We serve at the request of and under the direction of regular Law Enforcement at any level – Federal, State, County, Tribal, or Local.

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  2. A portion of this photo of Rangers was used as the cover for the 1962 Winchester-Western catalog. According to that catalog, these are TEXAS Rangers. The catalog photo was cropped, but it is definitely the same photo.

    • No, they are indeed the Arizona Rangers. The photo was taken by Rex Rice, manager of the Phelps Dodge Mining Company’s Mercantile store, at Morenci, AZ on June 11, 1903. Capt H. Thomas Rynning is on the left. One Ranger is missing, Ranger Jefferson P. Kidder. The original photo is in the possession of the Greenlee County Historical Society. Go to the website for more information:

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