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I first heard about the reincarnated website of Flag and Fight the Smears while visiting TheRightScoop last Wednesday  Sept. 14th 2011. After I read the news of Obama’s resurrected anti-smear, report your neighbor campaign a feeling of giddiness came over me.

Oh, not because the citizens would again be subjected to suspicion of stinkin’ thinkin’ when it came to our leader. No, that’s not why I was happy. The joy came from memories of what got me blogging in the first place… Flag and the fishy government.

My alter ego blogging nom de plume was inspired by Linda Douglass’s — overseer and spokesperson for — call to report fishy emails, blogs, sites or articles “smearing” President Obama.

But alas, it rotted from the head down…as all fish do.

And now we have the promising AttackWatch.

 Click on the icon to go to AttackWatch and see for yourself what hope the Obama campaign is offering to the voters. Or you could tweet them at @AttackWatch The following message is attacked to the AttackWatch Twitter link: “Check out the latest attacks on @BarackObama and his record at, and get the facts you need to fight back. #AttackWatch”

Report smears and smudges using this link:  #AttackWatch

They keep odd hours at AttackWatch. I’ve been reading their 9 tweets and have visited their website the last 4 days and no one seems to be there. Probably just a long weekend for the staff and couldn’t send a tweet from where they were. No cell signal I’ll bet.

I will keep checking in with they just to make sure they’re alright. All AttackWatch updates will be posted in this article.


Checked the AttackWatch tweets, nothing has been posted since 09/14/2011 and there has been no discernible activity on their website too. AttackWatch may be ill. I do hope that the Obama for America organization has health care.


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Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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