Government Teacher calls Tea Party member a Nazi

Uploaded by  on Sep 21, 2011

At a gathering to discuss what to do about illegal alien students and the DREAM Act in San Antonio — a public school government teacher calls the local Tea Party President a Nazi. Video is courtesy of Eric Adam at — You can share it

Google search finds the following:
Jonathan Bryant
JFK High School
1922 S. Gen. McCullen
San Antonio, TX 78226
Tel. 210-444-8040
Fax 210-444-8020
A phone call confirms this is the school our “government teacher” works at.

FishyGov –

There’s an ever-growing problem in our government-run school  systems and here’s why we can’t fix the public school system:

1) You may think the core problem for the lackluster performance of our school children is due primarily to government and union interference and the indoctrination of those students into the Progressive group think.  Nay, nay… you would be wrong in that assumption.

2) You may think the core problem is the lack of alternative educational  choices. Nay, nay…you would be wrong again.

The core problem can be found in our Universities and Colleges. Progressive  ideology is disseminated there and it ripples throughout our  K-Post Grad school environments and Corporate America.

In order for a student to become a teacher [with a certificate] they must first run the gauntlet of the Teaching College nestled in a Progressive  University. It has been often reported that professors don’t look  favorably upon conservative students and their grades do suffer for it.

The desired end product for the Liberal teaching college is a  Liberal/Progressive teacher.

In Corporate American you cannot get a  professional position without a College Degree. Where do you get the  most prestigious degree? At Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford… Liberal/Progressive Universities all.

Our educational system is currently designed to produce liberal/progressive  students who will in turn teach other students K-Post Grads to worship at the Liberal/Progressive alter.

This cycle of indoctrination must be broken or their Progress/Liberal  pseudo religion will remain in perpetuity. 


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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