“Occupy” movement is just a political distraction

The Tucson Tea Party  is talking about holding a counter “Occupy” demonstration October 15th .

After reading of their disgust and that of commentors on The Right Scoop with the “Occupy” movement I had a mini-epiphany that the “Occupy” movement is just a political distraction.

Billionaire investor SorosThe “Occupy” movement — funded and supported by George Soros funded groups MoveOn.org, The Tides Foundation and Rebuild the Dream — is merely political noise with the great unwashed and the politically lost beating drums and chanting slogans they can’t fully explain. I surmise this new movement is intended to draw the opposition into this particular shiny object argument.

Do we give into this political maneuver in typical knee-jerk fashion or do we simply ignore these figurative two-year-old’s throwing yet another political temper tantrum?

No matter how difficult it is for us we must ignore them until they see that we don’t care what they’re ranting about.

Those in “Occupy” aren’t the problem. They are just the tools of the Progressive movement in American and most of them don’t even realize it. As I see it, our job is to replace all of those supporting big government and out-of-control spending.

What I don’t see is how focusing on these “Occupy” anarchists helps us to accomplish our goals of defeating Obama, establishing a conservative majority in the Senate and repealing ObamaCare and Dodd Frank.

And now I that see we do have:

  • a conservative Presidential candidate in Herman Cain
  • a strong conservative advocate in Sarah Palin
  • a strong conservative Congressional advocate in Michele Backmann
  • a conservative mission
  • Radio Talk Show conservative Rush Limbaugh and
  • Internet TV mogul Glenn Beck
  • an anthem — that describes who we are and what we want — by Krista Branch.

But I do not see a conservative communications network connecting all conservative cell organizations. Good communications are a must for successful political campaigns, businesses to prosper, armies to win battles and for we the people to re-establish our constitutional authority over city, county, state and federal governments.


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

2 thoughts on ““Occupy” movement is just a political distraction

  1. I like the new design of FishyGov. I hope you are right about the Occupy movement. Crowds and mobs gone out of control worry me, especially if they parade in NYC. The world really didn’t notice the Wisconsin protests, but if something happens in NY – the fuss go to space and beyond. Small group of protesters can turn around the country if 1. they are in the capital; 2.their agitators manage to provoke the police to respond with violence; 3. the economy is bad and the regular non-ideological folks are pissed off already and join the protests. Government can fall in 20 to 40 days.

    I hope that is not going to happen in America, because the safety nets will hold enough people off the streets so the Occupy protest do not snowball into a Bastille-destroying mob.

  2. I’ve watched many videos covering this prolonged event Ellie and it looks to be a collection of people looking for a place to voice their youthful disagreement with the current power structure and those revisiting or trying to recapture the excitement of their protest youth.

    It’s like Woodstock on Wall Street, well off-off Wall Street without the music. Make peace not war and puppy love for all things unstructured.

    The temperature will soon fall, the protesters will leave the comfort of their tribal streets and then they will launch an “Occupy” protest of Al Gore’s palatial home and the U.N. to denounce their intentionally misleading Global Warming information which they were totally counting on to continue their “Occupy” Wall Street through the Winter months.

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