Diane Sawyer resurrects slanderous accusation against Palin’s 2010 congressional target map

I am a registered voter in Arizona’s 8th District. My Congresswoman is Gabrielle Giffords.

A little background on the Rep. from the 8th District:
She was voted into our Arizona House of Representatives as a Republican and served in that body from 2001-2003. Then she ran for State Senator, won and served in that body from 2003-2005. She then made the switch to the Democratic Party just before she ran for the 8th Districts open seat in 2006.

Although she is a Tucson native her primary residence is Huston Texas. She does not live in the district she represents.

In September of 2009 — at one of the loudest Town Hall meetings I have ever attended — Giffords explained to her audience the virtues of ObamaCare and the other Health Care Reform bills which were circulating around the House of Representative at that time. The following video doesn’t do it justice.

The Town Hall was held in the auditorium at Sahuaro High School which filled the auditorium and the plaza outside of it too. Loud speakers and big screen TVs accommodated the overflow crowd in the plaza. Those who wanted to ask a question or make a statement entered into a raffle process. The selected numbers were called out over the speaker system and winners were allowed to voice their opinions or ask their questions.

At this meetings Giffords said repeatedly that she would never vote for a Bill that wasn’t PayGo. I did not believe her when she said it the first time and when she repeated it a second and then a third time I knew she was lying.

There were plenty of Tea Party people there and the purple shirts of SEIU made their presence known also as did the UAW. Giffords was booed so loudly she threatened to leave if it didn’t stop. That Town Hall followed her previous Town Halls held in Sierra Vista and Green Valley. They weren’t happy with Gabby’s message of big government spending either.

To that point in time Giffords had never met a trillion dollar legislative act that she didn’t like or vote for.

She also stated that she was a Blue Dog Democrat. That statement drew the biggest laugh of the meeting. The crowd knew that a Blue Dog Democrat meant that the Rep. was a fiscal conservative which she definitive was not.

The point of this comment is that I too targeted Giffords Congressional seat as soon as I got back home after that Town Hall Meeting. I also targeted the seats of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Raul Grijalva, Ed Pastor, Nancy Pelosi and other Progressives spending our country into economic chaos.

Like Sarah Palin I targeted their legislative seats, not them. Diane Sawyer just got this wrong. It was wrong when it was first brought up and it is still incorrect. Sawyer needs to do more research for her story next time. If she had researched this element of her story she would have found that the Democratic Party used “crosshairs” when targeting opponents or seats too.

I cast my vote against Giffords in 2010 and would do so again today. Her voting record cannot be undone or ignored.

She did not deserve to be physically assaulted in any way and neither do any other elected officials.

When we take up the gun to remove those in office we descend into anarchy.


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Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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