How to hire the right political candidates.

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We understand the meaning of “conservative” when used in connection with fiscal and the Constitution but there seems to be no standard definition for “conservative” when a politician running for office is a variable in that “conservative” equation. Case in point, Mitt Romney says he is a “conservative” as he defends his Massachusetts universal helath care mandate “RomneyCare”. Another stark example of this squishy definition of “conservative” comes from the 2008 Republican Presidential nominee  John McCain who describes himself as a Teddy Roosevelt Progressive. McCain turned the definition of “conservative” on its head with his newly coined “Progressive Conservative” label.

“Conservative” is the new political buzzword replacing the last general election’s buzzword “Progressive”. We have also added the retro “Constitutional” into our current mix.

But these words are used as labels for politicians to wear just as a fashionista wares Armani. They are — at their core — no different beneath their clothing no matter what suit or political definition they cocoon themselves in.

For as long as we look to the Republican or Democratic Partys we will be served up their Party members cloaked in the latest focus group’s buzzwords for our consumption. Our reliance on these two political partys will render the electorate the same diluted choices which we have been subjected to in past elections. In the end we will have to be satisfied with Democrat and Republican Party establishment hand-picked candidates. More of the same old politics as usual tripe.

As an Independent I’m shocked at our lack of viable choices for all elected offices.

Businesses don’t sit back and wait for potential employees to walk into their establishment and volunteer their services. That would be risky behavior for a business to engage in. If businesses recognize this as inefficient and possibly ruinous behavior why don’t we see this same hiring behavior as equally dangerous behavior for our country to engage in?

If what America wants is to continue this political pendulum of Progressive/Liberal Democrats and Progressive/Conservative Republicans elected to our country’s highest offices then we should keep doing things the opposite way the smart money employs and wait for the next self labeled, focus group articulated poser to run our country’s business.

Or we could recruit those who not only meet the definition of a fiscal “conservative” but display their belief through their actions. In a nutshell, show me, don’t tell me.


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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