Voters in Arizona and Michigan choose severely Progressive Romney

It has become painfully clear — with the results of last nights Arizona and Michigan primaries — that the electorate have chosen their political comfort zone and that safe place for them is Progressivism.

Yet another nanny state politician is in the process of gaining the approval of the American people at least those who are registered to vote or those who actually get out of their easy chairs and cast their ballots. The majority of those who voted in Tuesdays primaries and in the preceding primaries are raising their collective voices and their message is starting to roll downhill like a snowball gathering mass.

Is their message about our country’s crippling debt? No, it is not.  Is their message one of anti-Big Government? Sadly, no. Their message isn’t about the Federal Government’s over spending, employment, debt, money supply or regulation bubbles. Any of which could end our Republic as we know it even today.

The voters message of concern to the world isn’t about a fiscally responsible government, restoring or maintaining their Constitutional liberties, jobs or foreign entanglements. No, their primary concern is electability.

It is the focus of this concern which will guarantee the citizens of the United States of America its fifth Progressive President in a row. The first Progressive in this growing line of Progressive theorist Presidents was  former President George Hebert Walker Bush and Romney will be the fifth. Since Bush 41’s election the Progressive agenda has been Federal policy domestically and internationally.

NAFTA was introduced by G.H.W. Bush and former Bill Clinton and his Congress implemented it. Tax incentives for companies and corporations to move offshore (outsourcing) in an effort to level the world’s economic playing field were initiated under the G.H.W. Bush administration. The U.S. Middle East major theater of war was opened up under G.H.W. Bush.

All of those Bush 41 agendas have been supported and adopted by all of the administrations that have followed.

The election results of the past twenty-four years are telling a very painful story. Those who vote are comfortable with Big Government, ever-increasing Federal regulations, unsustainable Government spending and debt, dependence on foreign oil, unsecured borders, unfettered illegal immigration, unending foreign wars, U.S. jobs sent overseas and continued Government efforts to diminish Constitutional liberties else why would they continue to elect those who promote, maintain and perpetuate these agendas.


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Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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