Obama has a fainting problem…again J/K

Obama sings one line and gets the media hummingThe ladies on Obama’s campaign trail have taken to fainting when he speaks or sings a single line of Rev. Al Greens “Let’s Stay Together.” Female audience members suffered from the same malady during his first presidential campaign bid back in 2007-2008.

There has been no confirmation to the rumors that those fainting females ripped off their panties and threw them at Obama in a vain attempt to stop him from making them faint.

So far the count of female fainters has risen to three. Headlines like “Women are dropping like flies at Obama events again” are drawing attention to this pandemic. There have been no reports of the CDC entering the investigation of these flies or women dropping.

After seeing one of the ladies go down in North Carolina, Obama reminded the crowd that people need to eat if they’re going to be standing for a long time, “You got to get something to eat. You got to get some juice,” he said.

It’s good to know that our President is compassionate and that he will go out of his way to pass his wisdom onto the ignorant. What he learned long ago was a painful lesson but he has grown stronger because it was a lesson learned; if you don’t eat or drink you will pass out.

Curious that it’s only women who faint at the Obama rallies and speeches.

I do hope that this won’t happen when the President speaks in San Francisco.

This just in but unconfirmed: The tingling running up Chris Matthews is back! I’m not a doctor but that sounds like a recurring neurological problem to me. You should probably get that check asap Chris.

In another unconfirmed report, Obama was overheard singing “I’m too sexy for my shirt,” as he headed off-stage.

Why are women fainting during General Election cycles elections only?

Could this be a case of faux fainting by Obama worshipers, sycophants or plants? Or perhaps BHO is putting out pheromones that’s knocking out women susceptible to his love scent. Or could it be there is a methane leak following Obama around on the campaign trail?

If this is a medical condition where certain women are genetically predisposed to spontaneous narcolepsy, then why can’t the Obama Administration mandate a cure for this curious malady and put a stop to the dangers caused by fainting women’s heads crushing the toes of unsuspecting bystanders?

Let’s stay together on this issue until we find a cure.


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Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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