Obama says, “4 billion — subsidizes the oil industry every year,”

On March 1, 2012 President Obama said the following:

“Right now 4 billion of your tax dollars — 4 billion — subsidizes the oil industry every year,” the president said to boos from the crowd at Nashua Community College. “These companies are making record profits right now, tens of billions of dollars a year.  Every time you … fill up your gas tank, they’re making money, every time.”

“Does anyone really think that Congress should give them another $4 billion this year?” Obama asked.

We are all very aware of President Obama’s position on coal and oil and that those views are shared by his people who populate the various departments of the Executive branch. Their collective position is to increase the price of energy from those aforementioned industries until it becomes so uncomfortable for corporations and citizens to use those out-of-favor energies. One problem with this selective energy usage is its cost. The cost of energy ripples throughout our economy. “Have you seen the price of arugula at Whole Foods lately?” Mr. Obama asked one of his handpicked audiences.

Food prices have risen mirroring those of gasoline and diesel fuels.

First let me just say, the idealist in me is against polluting our planet. She’s much more beautiful when oil slicks aren’t floating on the surface of her waters and when coal-burning smokestacks aren’t choking off her clean sweet air.

Second, the Yin to my Gaia Yang is a pragmatist. This me is saying, the worlds’ economy is built on oil. Cut off all oil production and the world is thrust into the chaos of a second Dark Age. Computers will become a relic of the past, efficient farming that feeds our over populated planet will become a lost art and there will be no jet fuel for Mr. Obama to go flitting from here to there on a whim on his Air Force One cool ride and that would also mean an end to shipping Kobe Beef from Japan straight to Al Gore’s dinner table. Hmm, shouldn’t that guy reduce his carbon footprint…and his waistline?

So, when all of you, who have jump on this current politically correct bandwagon, mothball your automobiles in favor of bicycles, horses or feet transportation modes and unplug all of your electrical appliances that run off of coal-burning electric plants — yes, that would include your plug-in vehicles — and grow all of your food in your backyards I will begin to listen to your complaints and admire the sacrifices of your solutions.

But for the time being I don’t see you Obama acolytes doing your “fair share” of the problem solving. You are doing more than your “fair share” of carping though.

People keep saying – and when I say people I mean Mr. Obama and his lesser minion echoes – that the United Sates pays billions of dollars in subsidies to the oil industry and that it should be stopped. Well, it’s not surprising to me that Mr. Obama is confusing taxes with subsidies as his people argue in the Supreme Court of the United States that ObamaCare penalty payments or fees are really taxes. Somebody please get the President an American English dictionary and transcribe the definitions of “taxes”, “penalty fees” and “subsidies” onto his teleprompter scroll…NOW! The President is drowning in a sea of incorrect word usage. Parse these three words all you like and the only logical conclusion we can come up with is the President is leading us down the path of his failed ideology.

If we are to continue down this costly and ruinous green road to power our daily routines we will need to dig up all of the Solyndra solar panels buried in the landfill they currently reside in, unshutter the electric car plants and eat algae 24/7/365 to enable us all to produce electricity shooting out our butts to power the gadgets we love to use.

Put away your Iphones, Pads, Pods, Macs, stop driving your cars or flying in planes and put an end to your purchases of anything made overseas and shipped via diesel fuel if you’re really concerned about how oil and coal are hurting our planet. You nerdy couch potatoes will have to pry your keisters out of your computer chairs, go outside and do something useful like digging a latrine before all of the power plants and petroleum plants are shuttered. Also, pickup all of the virtual toilet paper you can find in your immediate area. Leaves are the best green product available. Gather, reuse and then recycle the used leaves into your virtual toilet. In six months reuse your new latrine mulch in your backyard garden. Bon Appétit!


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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