Food for thought

Normally I write about politics but on the rare occasion something tickles my little grey cells so I stream it onto the digital net to amuse myself. The way I look at it is if my brain is amused I have a tendency to giggle or smirk.

So today I was feeding my brain some food when I had this thought, “If I lie to my brain about what foods I’m sending will it get pissed off?” Simply put, when you eat something that tastes sweet the sweet taste is transmitting to the brain that SUGAR is on its way. If you instead sent an artificial sweetener that sugar never arrives. The brain was expecting the sugar and allocated sugar to the body…but it never arrived so the body starts to shake and sweat a bit. Time to send some REAL sugar before the brain passes you out for a while.

What got me thinking about this was a can of chili — with beans — that actually had no chili in it. Reconstituted soy bean was substituted for ground chicken. True the soy tasted like chicken but what arrived at brain central was soy protein and not chicken protein.

Now I’m well aware of what happens to my body when I lie to my brain about sugar being on its way, but what happens to my body when I lie about what kind of protein I have just sent it.

Another thing bothering me is what does my brain think about me lying to it on a daily basis? Will it revolt because of my miscommunications or possibly sever itself from my body at the brain stem and roll away from me forever?

Perhaps had the can of chili not disguised the taste of its soy protein my brain would not be expecting chicken protein and when the unrecognizable soy protein arrive at the brain receptors it would have been received as a bonus and unexpected protein for the brain to do with as it wished.

Imagine how happy my brain would be for the unexpected protein gift just appearing unannounced.

Our brains are confused enough as it is so I have decided to stop lying to my brain and from this point forward I will be sending it exactly what my taste buds are transmitting.


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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