Shovel ready jobs part deux

The Democratic Party’s fear-mongering tactics can no longer instill fear or extract tears from me. Every time they cry wolf or havoc those cries should ring hollow to all who hear them.

They are telling us now that thousands of jobs, countless construction projects and even an unpopular gas tax are at risk as the House scrambles to push out a highway bill by Saturday.

This formula for getting what they want is stale. If “the sky is falling” emanate danger or catastrophic event approach doesn’t work this time then perhaps they will threaten to hold their breath until they get what they are demanding in this current tantrum. If only they would.

If Obama said that the sky was blue and water is wet I would not believe him and would verify his statements on FactCheck or Wikipedia.

The Democratic Party has forfeited all credibility with the shenanigans they pulled — lying about what was in the bills they passed and the way those bills were shoved down the throat of our country — in 2009-2010.

Obama’s Stimulus “Shovel Ready Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” was supposed to not only provide “jobs” but it was also going to rebuild our highways, bridges and create a “Smart Electrical Grid”. The Stimulus monies did not go to any of those advertised areas. How many bites at that rebuilding America’s highway apple are you willing to give these strangers to the truth?

How many times are you going to buy into their lies? I don’t understand how anyone with an IQ north of 80 would worship at the altar of either the Republican or Democratic Partys.

No matter what group-think camp you’re in, the next time you attack the opposition remember that it took both of those partys to get us where we are today. Neither of them got our country to this point alone and never forget that WE put them in charge.

Following “The buck stops here” philosophy, the responsibility for our country’s current woes lays at the feet of those who sent the political miscreants to Washington. That would be all citizens who voted them into office and those who shirked their duty to vote.


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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