Obama Continues to Ring the Division Bell

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once upon a time there was a youngish presidential candidate who said, “Yes we can!” He also mentioned something about ending racism in the U.S. and being the first post-racial President of the United States. The oceans were supposed to magically recede and we were all meant to suddenly awaken to a new world order of utopia.

Before, during and after he was preaching that we should all come together he was also sowing the seeds of division.

Attacks launched from within the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign against the late Geraldine Ferraro accusing her of racism. Same allegation launched by the same campaign against former President Bill Clinton. And the charges of racism continues today by Obama surrogates.

Do you feel like the United States of American is more or less racist today than it was six year ago — prior to Obama entering into presidential politics?

By playing young against old, rich against poor, 1% against the 99%, individuals against big corporations, blacks against whites, gays against the straights, religious against the non-believers, Democrats against Republicans and Capitalism against Marxism he thought to somehow bring us all together as brothers and sisters in his new world utopian social justice society.

Us against them seems to be a counterintuitive course to usher in utopia. Unless it’s a survival-of-the-fittest, winner dictates the terms of this perfect society.

Now, through his surrogates, he makes war on the Republican Party by saying that they are engaged in a war against women while his surrogates make war on Conservative women or those of any other persuasion who disagree with the Obama/Progressive agenda.

This road map to Obama’s utopian society is built with the tools handed down to him and other Progressive radicals by their teacher Saul Alinsky.

George W. Bush ran against Al Gore proclaiming himself to be “a uniter, not a divider.”

I don’t believe anyone who heard those words — uttered by Mr. Bush — had any idea what a divider was or just how destructive one could be until we elected Barack Hussein Obama II as President.

Our country is flawed and it is in need of repairs. But taking a wreaking ball to our economy — converting it from Capitalism to Marx or Socialism — is not the way to fix our political or economic problems.


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