Black Hoody Ninja Uniformed Cannibals Chant “All Pigs Must Die”

Oh look! They have black hoody ninja uniforms.

Assaulting citizens, businesses, and police officers is a full-time job for these disrupters  dressed in black. They seem to be willing to kill Cops to achieve social justice and world peace. We can all see that they ARE lethal to store front windows and trash cans.   These fine young cannibals said “Eat the Rich” last Spring/Summer…or was that “Eat rich foods”? Anyway, they do seem to hunger for violence and human flesh. Now they chant  “All pigs must die.” This whole organized occupation bs is straight out of the radical sixties. It’s old, tired, retreading of ideas which didn’t work then and won’t work now.

But it does give us a little insight into who might be behind this culture flashback. The same people who were behind the Viet Nam war protests, bank robberies and bombings for peace are the most likely suspects behind this nonsense.

It looks to me as if they are trying to relive their exciting anti-government revolutionary days one more time before they are relegated to their walkers and wheelchairs in some upscale revolutionary retirement home.

This time around they are using the nomadic occupiers as their proxies for revolutionary violence. The young and the weak of mind are easily manipulated. We have seen their interviews and speeches from last Spring/Summer. By their performances I would say that 99% of the Occupiers are crazy and not very useful idiots bent on committing suicide by Cop to punctuate their protest.


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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