America’s MSM should hang their collective heads in shame over its handling of the Zimmerman case

When people speak of racial injustice in the future they should point to the George Zimmerman case as the prime example of how wrong it is to condemn a person based on their race and just how blind racial hatred can really be.

The mere mention that Mr. Zimmerman was “white” drew a wave of social-injustice crusaders out-of-the-woodwork and into the light of the MSM who also jumped into the fray with both feet. The indignant outrage that a white man killed a black man in todays American cannot and will not be tolerated. The white man must be arrested, tried and convicted for his crimes against Trayvon Williams.

But wait! Mr. Zimmerman wasn’t white he was half white and half Hispanic.  No matter, soldier on!  But he doesn’t look white.

The MSM and the racial haters have all labeled George Zimmerman as  “white”. If you saw his testimony yesterday or if you ever passed Mr. Zimmerman on the street you would never have made that mistake. He’s  obviously of Hispanic descent.

This case should serve as an example for just how SICK these race-baiters really are. That they would jump at the chance to condemn a man for an act of self-defense because he was mistakenly labeled as “white”. Would they have made that same mistake if Obama defended himself against a “black” man?

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the New Black Panther Party, MSNBC, NBC, ABC and the other usual suspects of the race hating and bating social-justice society had their 2012 poster-child of  a race crime that would sustain their needs for finger pointing through November. The inconvenience that Mr. Zimmerman is of Hispanic heritage can and will be corrected simply by changing from white man killed Trayvon to Hispanic raised by whites killed Trayvon. The narrative that it was white society and its values that killed Trayvon not the poor Hispanic man who was raised by the “white devils”.

Since we were all gifted the visual aid of Mr. Zimmerman’s courtroom appearance yesterday have any of the race-baiting groups or individuals adjusted their position on his race? And have there been any Hispanic groups come to the aid of him or does having a “white” father make him too politically incorrect for them to render their support?

So, how did we get to this point where our mainstream media feeds us a constant diet of racism in America whether it is true or false? The short answer is that we allow them to do so by continuing to view their programming or read their newspapers. That alone is enough to not only continue their sick narrative but then we compound the problem by being either willing participants or by allowing these poisonous “news” articles or televised “news” segments to go unchallenged.

It is our shame and our guilt if we fail to challenge racism and those who perpetuate it no matter how high up it goes in our government or our society.

If we do not call out this unacceptable behavior perpetrated by the networks, blogs, newspapers, politicians or those in the hate race business they will continue to spew this venomous bile that is contaminating our society. Farming in the United States is declining but hatred in America is reaping bumper crops for those who sew its seeds.


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Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

4 thoughts on “America’s MSM should hang their collective heads in shame over its handling of the Zimmerman case

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