The Greying of Yin-Yang

A blogger I follow asked the question, “Why exactly DO we hate? What is the purpose?” I replied as follows:

Why do we hate? The simply answer is that without hate there cannot be love. Our world currently seems a bit skewed to the hate side and is showing a great reluctance to swing its pendulum back to the side of love. We occupy a place where we have free will which is best illustrated with the Yin-Yang symbol. A world of opposites composed of positive and negative (good or evil) choices are available for us to choose from freely.

I disagree, however, with the symbols stark depiction which implies that there is no possible choice to be made except a good or evil one. Or if someone somewhere makes the exact opposite choice I made…probably at the exact same time.

Perhaps a more representative image would be a Yin-Yang gradient symbol where the purest positive and negative choices lay on the outer rim of the symbol with their purity degrading to the middle where the choices are neither positive nor negative (good or evil). OBTW, the symbol I have posted here is, appropriately, the exact opposite of what I’m talking about.

Those who do make the purest outlying choices shock our senses in a good or horrific manner. Most of us reside in the safe degraded grey zone of choice.

I look good in grey but sometimes I put on something black and in the hot summer months I mostly wear white.


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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