Erratic and unprofessional news media on life support

Dan Riehl reports the following in his article A Day of Contrasts in Zimmerman Case:

ABC looks to have been stirred by its eventually laughed-at previous big scoop hyping a grainy police video that supposedly showed George Zimmerman wasn’t injured in a physical confrontation of some kind before shooting and killing Trayvon Martin. That firestorm was driven by other mainstream media coverage just like ABC’s that day…

…Breitbart News congratulates ABC for now appearing to have gotten into line behind our fair and accurate coverage at the time, which debunked their own big exclusive.

This patient, ABC, has presented symptoms of Progressive Media Ebola but is currently in remission. The prognosis for patients infected with this disease is 100% mortality to occur within  6 months to one year from the time of infection.

This current epidemic of PME should burn itself out sometime in January 2013 unless the virus mutates.

The patient (ABC) should use this time to put its affairs in order.



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