Romney attacks Solyndra investment

Solyndra? Why is Romney going after Solyndra? So the Federal Government put a bet down on a solar panel manufacture in hopes that you and I would drill holes in our roofs and attach solar panels to it.

Who can relate to a failed or a successful solar panel manufacturer?

What Romney should really be discussing — I feel like a Progressive trying to change the narrative here — is the wasted taxpayers’ investments in the electric car bidness. Now we are talking about something which is relatable to us all. Most of us have either been a passenger in a car or the driver. What if the car you own and the government has invested taxpayer money in is prone to spontaneous combust?

Solyndra offers less negative political leverage than does the electric car investments. For instance: Solyndra just offers up two negatives, bad or even stupid investments made by the government and cronyism. While the electric car investments offers up cronyism, insanely stupid judgment, outsourcing U.S. jobs overseas, the incredible and undeniable stark visuals of cars on fire and fear of riding in any electric car since these new green energy vehicles have ignited a controversy centering on the safety issues of the government funded class of green energy cars. The mileage to be had from the failed electric car is sustainable and seemly endless.

I live in the desert and I’m closer to sunset than sunrise. There are few, maybe three or four, options for final arrangements in the desert, but I believe the electric car has presented yet another option. Imagine if you will, upon the demise of your loved-one they are placed into the plush seat of a casket of steel riding on four wheels which is resting at the top of a hill. The engine of the Karma is started and its transmission is shifted into first gear, the brake is released and the casket rolls slowly down the hill. About half way down the hill the Karma bursts into flames. The car continues downhill consuming your loved-one’s body until it reaches the end of the road and proceeds over a cliff.

The desert Viking funeral. Order yours today at your local Fisker dealership.


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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