Twits attack Arizonaist

Progressives have been abusing my sensibilities and those of some of my fellow Arizona’s with tweets like the following:

  • Man, tough day to be an Arizona racist.
  •   rules against institutionalized racism –er, I mean, Arizona immigration law.
  • Great news from the SCOTUS on the Arizona’s racist immigration laws!
  • SCOTUS held up the most radical part of Arizona’s immigration law. It is way too fucking early for this racist shit.
  • So that racist law just passed in Arizona…. What a bunch of racist fucks
  • F*** you Arizona. Racist ass mother f******.

As a racist Arizonan — that’s redundant right? As an Arizonaist, I would like to comment on the randy remarks from some of our Progressive friends — who apparently are without benefits. Or are they FU grads?

You know you’re a Arizonaist if:

1. You are for a secure border.

2. You favor immigration law enforcement.

3. You expect the Federal government to find illegal entrants residing in our country.

4. You demand the Federal government deport said entrants.

5. You expect businesses to be severely find if illegal entrants are found working at said business.

6. You expect city, county, state and federal governments to deny illegal entrants any financial assistance.

Seriously Progressives, now that I’ve written my positions down I can see clearly that your are completely RIGHT and I was misguided.

As a newly born, under read Progressivist, I’m now always RIGHT and those who disagree with the collective groupthink aren’t wrong — they’re simple RACIST.

After sitting at your feet and digesting your wise tutelage, I believe that I’m evolving into an open border, entitlement bestowing, enlightened being know as a Progressivist. Wise tutelage…that’s funny.

If my home state has to endure another wave of Liberal/Progressive Californian immigrants seeking shelter from yet one more economic storm I’ll…

Damn! Epiphany!

If the Liberal/Progressives think Arizona government and its citizens are RACIST, perhaps they will move to a progressive state more to their liking or they will never move here in the first place.

Arizona: Home of proud patriotic RACIST.


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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