Now is the perfect time to build a bigger tent and stop the rhetoric of personal attacks.

Today SCOTUS “jumped the shark” with its 5-4 ruling ACA (Affordable Care Act) constitutional. In the article Palin: Rise up Against ObamaCare, The Largest Tax Hike in History posted on Breitbart and written by Mrs. Palin, focuses on damaging behavior conducted by the 111th United States Congress and our current president who passed and signed the ACA into law and the subsequent SCOTUS ruling.

Thank you, SCOTUS. This Obamacare ruling fires up the troops as America’s eyes are opened! Thank God.

This proves to be such an unsettling time in America as we undergo the fundamental transformation that Barack Obama promised he would do to us if elected. Obamacare was dealt in deception and confusion by flooding the public with an overwhelming amount of conflicting “rationale” via thousands of pages of unread legislative detail, which is the radical left’s M.O. Obama promised the American people this wasn’t a tax and that he’d never raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000. We now see that this is the largest tax increase in history. READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE HERE

Now is the perfect time to engage in principle and fact based discussions.

We can and should build a larger tent. Stop indicting those with differing opinions as “radical left”, “far left”, “left-wing-nuts”, “Progressives”, “Progs”, “Commies”, “Maoist”, “Liberals” or “Libtards”. Drop the personal attack strategy and focus on their behavior and the results of that behavior.

Obama and his supporters want their opposition to engage in divisive rhetoric. Let’s not play their game.


About FishyGov

Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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