Congressman Allen West is facing gerrymandering problems in Florida. Is your state trying to redistrict voter outcomes too?

A map of Arizona's 2nd Congressional District,...

Tentitive final 2012 redistricting map of AZCD2

If you think Congress Allen West is having redistricting problems you should take at look at your own Congressional District.

I live in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District…soon to be District 2 or it might remain as District 8 depending which way the flatulence blows.

Redistricting looks to balance a district to make it competitive for the Republican or Democratic candidates. In addition to the balanced approach districts are also realigned for a desired political party outcome.

But wait! The Democratic, Republican and all other partys are NOT part of the government…they just run it. So why are State Governments redistricting in favor of any political party?

There are nine congressional districts in Arizona and currently 3,138,327 register voters.

The number of registered voter and population for each of the nine districts varies from a high of 518,240 in Congressional 6 to a low of 203,359 in District 2. At a ratio of 1:2.55, District 2 clearly has the best Congressperson to voter and Congressperson to citizen ratios than any other county.

By using Arizona Congressional District 2 as the baseline, all of the voters outside of AZCD2 have been granted diminished political power and representation.

The main barrier to an equal political voice and vote in all of Arizona when choosing a Congressperson is that Congressional Districts are created based on actual real estate boundaries. Whereas, the voters [conservatives, liberals, independents, greens or greens] are fluid and reside in all parts in our state but still wish to be represented by a Congressperson who actually represents their political philosophy.

So, if we can change this current plot of drawn land representation and replace it with a virtual representation of political philosophy our Representatives in Congress will begin to represent their constituents in the political area of Washington D.C.


An Open Letter From Congressman Allen West

Dear Fellow Patriots,

I write to you today with mixed emotions. As you have probably heard by now, on Tuesday, I announced my decision to seek reelection in the new proposed 18th Congressional District.

It was not an easy decision, and one I reached only after much reflection, prayer and consultation with family, friends and supporters like you.

Representing the people of the 22nd Congressional District has been among the highest honors of my life. I am honored by the trust that voters have placed in me this past year. I am truly humbled by the generosity and support of thousands of Floridians, and Americans, who have knocked doors, made phone calls, and donated their hard-earned dollars to our campaigns over the past four years. Read more here.


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Practicing Independent Conservative and recovering Liberal celebrating 20 years of political sobriety.

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